Home interior lighting design

Home lighting is one of the most important factors for vision of interior. Sometimes it is to light interior advantage or to hide many shortcomings of the house.

Functional areas lighting design

Lighting in our homes can bring beauty in our interior depending on location and type of lighting. Combined light would give the best effect.

Modern bedroom lighting

Ceiling lighting is the most common in bedrooms, the most basic. To get better lighting it has to be combined with a wall or table top or spot lighting but in fact it combines the best with a tall floor lamp.

Contemporary living room lighting

When we talk about living room, we better combine with spot lighting with dining area, and the kitchen.

Dining room lighting

Lighting in the dining room is very functional, and can be stylish too. Using table lamps are meant to compliment and not to stand alone as a focal point. In living rooms lighting using shades should be in neutral color and stand no more than 32″.In so many home lighting choices it can be hard deciding on which to choose.

What do you use the room for?

Choosing lights should reflect what you use the room for.working from home using computer you probably use a three or four ceiling lamps, for the kitchen and working areas light should be stronger.

How large is the room?

The larger a room is the more lights it will require, thinking of how much light is needed and try to tailor what you need.

What is your budget?

Give yourself a budget, think about what you need, divide your budget between rooms.


Think about an overall image you are creating, try to match lighting so that you can set a harmony inside your home.