Home Remodeling – Black & White House Complete Guide

First thing to come in mind whenever you search for a house is how appreciative houses are in a rapidly developing city. In most cases when your neighbors renew theirs quickly. Mostly, the perfect examples to aim for are cities like Denver and Colorado. Houses in such cities are characterized by their high ceilings, open floor plans on their first floor, large windows, and of course a Victorian or historic touch. Despite the fact that it is challenging to find such a house that offer you such a criteria, luck can be your best friend.

Finding the Right House
Since you’d like to go black and white for your exterior, it requires serious remodeling to get it done well. Nevertheless, many people manage to find the suitable house that meets their requirements no matter how rough it is to find one around. They keep searching, and accept the renovation challenge!

Start Renovating
You cannot start this step unless you ask some professionals for help. They are able to handle the renovation step. If you have balls to get dirty, you can go DIY. Just keep in mind that renovations do not have to be fun. However, you have to make the best out of them to make get beautiful, unique, and cozy results.

Decide a Renovation Plan
In such a case, some people decide to choose the easier option for themselves, which is the DIY home renovation. Others choose seeking a contractor to get their work done. However, if you want to make it as fast as possible, DIY is the way to go!

Roll Up the Sleeves & Start Working
As I mentioned above, you have lots of work to do. Here are what big projects are made up of:
 Basic kitchen and bathroom renovation, which involves all what is new about both areas, besides rebuilding the plumbing.

 Considering some closets and decorating some walls.
 Getting rid of the current tile, carpeting, and setting up new flooring that come with bathroom’s custom bathroom.
 Using a fresh paint for the walls’ skim coating (professional required).
 Brand new kitchen countertops and cabinets (seek a vendor to get them installed for you, such as IKEA cabinet frames and Semihandmade cabinet fronts).

Despite the fact that lots of renovation projects can be exhausting and require much work, you ought to pay extra efforts. Also, you might notice something valuable like the walls’ skim coating, which can cost you an arm and a leg, in addition to being non-negotiable. If you move them inside the walls, the walls turn out to be thicker when it comes to texture. As a result, in case you have intentions to make the vanity project no.1 in your to-do-list in your house. Besides, if you have the budget to do it, be mindful that skim coating for your walls plays a crucial role in succeeding this project.

Decide a Concept for the Interior Design
For the sake of making your home look like a black and white modern gem, you have to include the beauty element, which many call “Parisian Modern”, an elegant variety of minimal, the fancily decorated, and the touchy. Also, you will be fascinated by the included black and white color shades that enable you to add gold fixtures for sure.

Details, Details, and Details!
Spending some of your days searching for furniture is, without a doubt, worth it! So, you will be able to design your house, follow the style you chose, and there you go. Wanna hear something exciting? You can add a 16-light fixture installation, which consist of 3 chandeliers! They are designed separated to suit even two living rooms alongside each other (to be specific, you can call one a living room, while the other one is called a sitting room). There is more, a very fashionable two-toned powder room where there are sophisticated tiled floors, in addition to some daring art and whitewashed stairs with a Dash + Albert Black and white runner. Here is the most direct advice regarding interior design, always for a bright paint color for your walls, extremely pale white if possible!

Hard Work Benefits
The worst part of the whole process is the daily grind. A quick U-turn is a necessity, though. Consider yourself lucky if you work in the interior design business. On the other hand, searching for the furniture pieces and completing your home’s design can turn into a nightmare! That is why it is advisable to hire a professional, who is able to do things properly and finish what you planned for your home.