House Decoration – Texture Tricks

Texture tricks that will liven up your house decoration, Want a trick to liven up your house? Use this, texture and colour. So what about texture and colour? A lot of people depend on colors while decorating their homes which is good. However, they are missing all the fun different textures can create in every single corner of their houses and their lives. Your house resembles you, that is it is created by you and thus it reflects all what you have in both your heart and mind. Your life is full of texture, sometimes it is rough and others it is silky smooth. Furthermore, life surely goes in directions and takes certain shapes and fiqures. It even sometimes appears full of rainbows and flowers and other times it will just take after incomprehensible combinations of intermingled lines. So how can you reflect all that on mere objects?

Use stripes horizontal and vertical, florals, draw your life out vivid in the decorations of your house. Not only will it give meaning and sophistication to your house, it will also brings about a unique aura to your sanctuary. For the kitchen, use appliances with florals on them and maybe a striped curtain of nearly the same colours. It is funny how mixing florals and stripes became a thing of fashion. If you asked me ten years ago about the possibility of such a mix, I would have thought ‘what a ridiculous question? ‘. However, now we have this amazing fauteuil with a vertically striped back and floral seating. Ragging, rag rolling and rubber stamping would be some nice ideas to have new vivid walls with a variety of arrangements.

Another spectacular blend of textures would be the use of different furniture pieces belonging to different eras. This can be achieved through accent items or even antiques which might cost you a bit yet the results are definitely guaranteed. Another manner of mixing will be the use of certain culture-specific decorative items like hand made area rugs. Hand made area rugs are woven wool of various types like Mexican Guadalupe rugs, Zapotec Indian rugs, Mohair and Navajo rugs. All these types come in various patterns and colours with different characters and different spiritual mind sets. Rugs will definitely be a variation from the norms when it comes to texture. So, pick the manner that suits you and add your personal touch without hesitation!

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