Your house is small!! think of the attic

Moving on in life, you become more and more blessed with expanding your family by having one or more children. As nice as this is, you start thinking about providing them with the best possible everything. By everything, I mean everything from a dinner to a better roof over their heads because this is how much you love them and you will not settle for less. Growing up they are going to need more private space which they can call theirs. So you end up thinking about moving to another place that is larger and of course more expensive but Is that really the solution?

You do not have to necessarily move out, sometimes there are these unwisely used spaces in our houses and you might want to start considering them as options. One of these major spaces we have in our houses is the attic. It might not look good for now and you might think of it as a bit unpromising for decorative alterations, however, the very sliding shape of the roof and the kind of lighting it gets makes it fit for suggestions. So let’s consider the possibilities first, what can we make of this room?

It would be great for a master bedroom where you can enjoy the best view of sunrise from the highest beacon in the house. And since you are about to adjust the roof anyways, you might like to consider installing solar panels which will save you a lot of future energy costs. It will be an excellent room for your little master as it will give him the feeling of a secret tree house. It will be fit for your teenager as he or she will have a private place where playing music can be no trouble to anyone in the house but you might need to consider sound proofing walls if ‘music’ is drums.