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How to Accentuate your Walls with the Perfect Wall Hanging?

Various styles, themes and moods can be applied in the decoration plan of your house. However, the most illogical thing is ending up with something that simply does not represent you, no matter how good it might be. you might feel perplexed and end up asking yourself ‘what do I want?’ over and over more than you can possibly count. One sophisticated way to add your touch is through the walls, why not try to make an accent wall of your very own design?

Three main things to have an accent wall are paint, accent item and lighting. Paint, what about it?, to get a unique and eccentric result with paint, your are advised to paint one wall in your room differently. Pick a vibrant color that will work well with the whole theme of your room and the furniture. You can add to the craziness of the idea by having stripes or figures whether regular or irregular on the wall. Avoid picking a color that will be a perfect match to your wall hanging as we still want to make the accent item a focal point not a part of a drawing sheet.

Now to the most important thing; the accent item, it is important because it is a piece of yourself that you want to draw attention to. You picked it very carefully, maybe it is a chic tableau or maybe it is a rug or something else. Sky is the limit, put a metallic frame without a picture or put a mirror that make things look funny. It is much more than a wall hanging, it is your inner dramatic imagination. Light is the catalyst for insight observation, put light fixtures directed to the accent piece and remember that the ‘spot light’ is only for the stars.

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