How to Arrange a Modern Living Room?!

If you want to change your living room decor and add a more personal touch and innate yet sophisticated vision into it, then you might want to try a new style other than those you have tried before. The thing is, you have to wipe clean the idea that modern is fashionable as modern is just another type or style of decoration, fashion and certainly thought. Modern living room, is it easy to achieve? Yes, but what do you know about modern decorations?

Modern decor designs are known for their practicality and tendency towards favouring functionality which is a great quality in matters of furniture and decoration. When you try to execute a modern design you will have to consider using the basic colors like white, black, grey and cream. This is how practical a modern design should be, however, do not mix the modern look with the industrial look as they have a lot of difference between the two of them. They are different in the spirit and in the overall look as well. Practicality does not mean lack of accessories here, on the contrary they are highly valued in modern designs and they are also relied on to reveal one’s philosophy.

Go abstract! Abstract is a very important concept in modern decor and it is highly linked with the concept of perception. These two are the main things that will allow you to place a piece of your personality out in your modern living room through either color or accessory. To go abstract color wise, throw some bright colored pillows on your sofa. From a different angle accessories can also help you go abstract through placing certain known things with know functionality but in a different manner than people are used to them like a picture frame without a picture in it . The ideas are endless! !

Pics Via : buildingscheme