How to Arrange a White Living Room Correctly?!

If you like ‘white’ and want it to be your main and focal color in decorating your living room then brighten up because we got you the tips for it. The kind of tips you need lies behind the fact that white is pure but also snowy! Most of the time when people organise a white living room, they end up with cold and stark reality. Our goal here is to have your most beloved color without having to let go of the cosiness and warmth that a living room has by nature. So what do you need to do? Simply follow four steps and you will make the loveliest and whitest living room ever.

These steps lie in the word ‘WALA’; that is wicker, antique, layering and accessories. The first thing you should involve is a type of furniture that will go well with the white color and give you a fresh look as well. Wicker is one great example for that as it will remind of being outdoors and at the same time give uniqueness to your indoor decoration. Along with the wicker, try using an unconventional upholstery covering by applying unusual prints. Lately, cheetahs have become a trend to upholstery coverings and it is indeed a something else.

The next thing to involve is antiques, the point from antiques is to balance the style and to add elegance and sophistication. The third thing to try is layering in both colors and fabrics as this will totally change the dimensional aspect of the room. In matters of color, try using different shades of white in your living room and this should be easy as white is available in various shades ranging from frost to cream. And for the fabrics, mingling different types of fabrics and patterns will draw the eyes to the details and drive away any sense of monotony. The last and best option is adding more accessories with some colors in them, however let them not be dominant.

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