How to balance your living room decoration?

Living rooms are the most active areas at your homes, that’s why we want them to be efficient and smashing. What you would definitely hate your living room to be is jammed, incohesive, and not fit for purpose. To do that, there is a widely known concept that you are advised to be familiar with while decorating your living room which is balance. This word you are certainly familiar with, but decoration wise it is attached to strong concepts that help a lot in decorating any room.

Balance can be divided into three main categories, symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial balance. Symmetrical balance means creating a mirror image in your room by repeating the same order of furniture items in both sides of the room and it is very common in traditionally decorated rooms. Asymmetrical balance is to place furniture items in a dissimilar order, yet they have to possess equal eye attraction. This style is mainly used in modern style but the equal eye attraction part can get so tricky as it can end up in total mess if not executed properly.

Last but not least is the radial balance which means ordering your furniture around a central point which is usually either your television or your central table, and this type is as effective as the symmetrical type in matters of organisation. The previous division dealt with balance as a needed concept while organising your furniture, another angle to view balance from would be colors. The balance of strong and neutral colors in your room can be crucially important to the overall view. For example if your furniture is from dark wood and it has colors like brown and red, a perfect balance will be a floor rug of a much lighter degree of a neutral color that would make your room appear wider and more balanced.

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