How Can Stools Be A Multifunction Furniture Piece For Your Home

Stool is a simple decorative & useful piece in our home as it can be used in American kitchen bar, dining room, bathroom, & patio with different designs, colors & materials, they are very useful when unexpected guests come over or in a birthday party so it can be used as an additional seating to invite more guests. We can choose from the rustic classic models to the modern ones according to our home style & the purpose of having it.

Actually having this kind of chair is very practical as it spices up & decorates our room or kitchen with its simple & elegant look with spending small spacing with perfect use, here we can talk about stools with different designs & material as follows:
-Rustic bar stool for classic appeal & long cabin home.
– Wooden bar stools is very recommended for kitchens & dining rooms to add chic look but with suitable height to your bar table.
– Folding bar stools is very practical ones for easy storage & can be used only on need.
– Backless Stools are modern ones for a café style kitchen.
– Swivel bar stools to swing around & switch positions allow talking with persons around the room freely & easily.
– Leather bar stools are elegant with black or brown color but not recommended in kitchen for exposing them to heat & water most of time.
– Metal bar stools for contemporary style from aluminum to wrought iron material & is appropriate for patio or garden.
– Ladder stools which are a multifunction one for sitting or shifting it to ladder.

Off course you can purchase the suitable kind from the above according to your budget, taste, size & height of the bar & the surrounding décor but be careful that stools also are having some features as armrests & wing handles ones that help in transfers & increase standing stability, padded wide base seats is more comfortable than the plastic ones that are more slippery, for swivel function make sure that it can be locked into position with adding a casual feel to your room, choose back stools for dining room for optimal comfort, finally shower stools can have back to be used by old people who have problem standing for long period.

Pics Via : design-milk

Pics Via : homedosh