How to Choose the Ideal Wallpaper for your Living room

There’s logic behind the increasing popularity of wallpapers among folks. It might be because of high priced wall painting which requires loads of time and energy to be installed. However, that’s not all there is; wallpapers are no longer limited to floral patterns, they are coming not only in different colors but also with various patterns, effects, themes, and materials.

A wallpaper’s also perfect in disguising any flaws and its various shades can unify all your living room elements on one wall. However, when it comes to choosing the colors, pick one that best suits your personality. Installing wallpaper on one accent wall will give you the freedom of choosing any shade without risking overwhelming the room, not to mention a perfect focal point.

As for the patterns, it deeply depends on the dimensions of you living room. According to design experts, smaller room demands small patterns and they would also advise you to pick a color for the pattern that’s closely related to the base color of the paper. You could even use the same color in matte and shiny hues. That way, your living room wouldn’t look overly patterned and it’ll add to its overall beauty. Listed below are top wallpaper designs that will hopefully inspire you to choose the right one.

Strips: Horizontal strips will add length to your living room and vertical ones will add to its height. It feels right at home in a living room with a contemporary or modern style.

AquaAqua-colored wallpaper with silver accents which is accentuated by silver items in your living room could offer you an ever so elegant retreat.

Geometric: When it’s applied on one wall, the surrounding walls should be painted with a matching or a complementing color of the textures. That design isn’t future-proof so be careful when you choose its colors. Consider using a cool shade of blue which will add a cheerful friendly vibe to your living room – making it a favorite place for family to gather.

There are a myriad of other patterns including Damask, Modern, Floral and ornate Victorian styles and it will drastically help if you searched each of those styles on the internet to decide on what you’d really love.

Pics Via : mixandchic

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