How Colors Affect Your Bedroom Design?

Bedroom symbolizes relaxation so you have to choose its colors carefully. As your bedroom is your personal space, it should be quite and has a kind of peaceful atmosphere. There are many colors that can make your bedroom look relaxing and refreshing such as white, blue, gray, violet, purple, green, brown, orange, yellow and even silver.

Blue adds a soothing atmosphere to the bedroom. There is a misconception that blue is related to masculine or it is a baby boy nursery color, but it actually appeals to both genders. Blue gives a very refreshing effect to your bedroom. You can choose your appropriate shade of blue, for example, turquoise may look retro, funky and cheerful. If you look for a modern and contemporary design, use bold shades of blue like cobalt and navy blue. The most popular shades of blue are the brownish blues, green blues and sky blue.

Green is one of the nature colors. It reflects calmness, joy and energy. Brown is a good choice also as it symbolizes comfort and simplicity. A mix of Green and brown give a restful effect to your bedroom. You can mix the green with light shades of brown to create a charm atmosphere. One of the great choices is orange; it makes your bedroom look lively and full of life. It removes the feelings of jealousy and spreads a pleasing energy. Yellow gives a sunny and warm effect but you have to choose its shades carefully because it might be deceiving on the sample chart.

Purple is the color of imagination, royalty and it gives your bedroom a luxurious look. Gray is a classic color and it works well with most of the colors. White can be a good choice also, it is a cool and fresh color. Both wormer and cooler shades of white give the bedroom a great appearance.
You may think that silver does not match bedrooms; on the contrary, it gives a luxury style. It is not advisable to paint all the walls with metallic shades but you can choose one wall only, it could be the one behind your bed or you can hang silver wallpaper.

It is better to paint the ceiling of your bedroom with the same color of the walls. If you do not prefer this pattern, do not leave the ceiling in white because it makes your bedroom looks odd.

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