How to Create a Zen Bedroom

Want to relax from a busy day? If so, then Zen bedroom is all that you need. Zen bedroom is one conducive to sleeping, a room where your activities prior to sleep assure the sleeper-to-be of an easier fall into slumber and a pleasant. In this article, you will find some tips that might help you create a calming Zen bedroom.

To create a calming effect within your bedroom, then you should pick sage green, or tan as a base and go with that. For a peaceful atmosphere, opt for drapes in crisp whites. Adding lampshades with bold colors will beautify your bedroom.

To bring nature to your bedroom, try to accent your bedroom with plants, soothing waterfall bowls and candles. If you have a limited budget, then don’t buy new furniture and try to paint your old one with neutral colors.

Keep in mind, in Zen bedroom, lighting should be calming and not distracting, I mean something with clean square lines and very simple. To create a soothing atmosphere, then you need to add some aromatherapy candles to your Zen bedroom.

To sleep better and increase secretion of melatonin into your blood, remove the radio alarm clock, TV, mobile phone and computer from your bedroom. To grant your bedroom a new look, then you should buy new bed linen and make sure to opt for bed linen that is woven from cotton.

Your bedside table should not be as a dumping ground for knick-knacks, it should be kept organized. You can keep only the things that are essential for sleep and resting, such as a book, moisturizer, a photo and a glass of water. To add to the Zen appeal of your bedroom, go in for wooden cabinets with oriental details.

For a good looking room, try to remove the clutter from your bedroom. If you are searching for more suggestions about how to create a Zen bedroom, look at the images below.