How to Decorate your Bathroom in Mexican Style

Mexican is the perfect style for your bathroom, especially if you love old world charm and prefer places that exude coziness. A Mexican bathroom is the ideal relaxing retreat after long tiring days. It encompasses warmth and romance at the same time with its bright colorful surroundings. Following are some tips & ideas to get you started.

Flooring: To get the authentic look of Mexican flooring, avoid using carpets and go for Saltillo or glazed tile. You can even make a tile rug by using various sizes and shapes of your tiles. For instance; install sixteen inch squares on your entire bathroom floor and leave a space where you’ll place your tile rug. Then use smaller tiles or ones with a different color to make a border and fill the center diagonally with six-inch Saltillo tiles.

Walls: When it comes to Mexican walls, you have two options. You could either paint your bathroom walls in two bright colors by dividing them in the middle with a bold stripe all the way around your bathroom (The color on top should be lighter than the one on bottom though). Or, you could tile your walls in a bright color such as terracotta, Tuscan teal, manganese, and dark brown.

Bathroom Vanity: Your Mexican bathroom vanity could be an old rustic chest with a hole cut for the sink. However, consider waterproofing the wood with a sealer or use Mexican tile on your vanity top. Look for an aqua, red or cobalt blue sink that compliments your vanity top. A talavera pottery sink would be an even better choice as it features the most beautiful colored decorations, let alone that it’s real Mexican earthenware that was produced principally in Puebla.

Accessories: Go for a shinny tin framed mirror with sconces on each side. Place a stack of bold colored towels on an old seat and use a Mexican flower pot as a toothbrush holder. You could also add real Mexican serapes and woven wall hangings which will beautifully tie the whole room together.

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