How to Design a Country Style Kitchen

Country kitchen design take you back to the warm days of your childhood where the world was a much quieter place and days used to pass slower , the Country kitchen design is characterized by its warm and inviting atmosphere that inspires the lady of the house to express her skills and comfort the family members and guests while enjoying their meal.

You may want to redesign your whole place and tie it together with the country theme of your kitchen specially if your kitchen is an extension for the living room and dining room which directly influence the overall look if there is any design that is not blending with the rest of the designs . after you determine whether you want to remodel your whole place or only the kitchen then start looking for country kitchens sets online to have an idea of the prices to set up your budget .

The mostly used colors for country kitchens walls are shades of green , white , cream , yellow , pink or brown , and the most suitable patterns that perfectly match and enhance the country theme in your kitchen are almost anything that can make you feel that you are really in a country ambiance such as flowers , fruits , vegetables , leaves , animals , plants , farm scenes , Wallpapers can be a perfect choice for the walls if you choose the colors and patterns tastefully to reflect the country feel in your kitchen .

The accessories are essential to enhance and tie together the whole theme of your kitchens , choose original accessories that are made of wood or rough iron like wooden framed artworks that show a farm scene or copper candle sticks chandeliers , curtains with floral or gingham patterns , white classical teapots can decorate your countertops , ceramic fruits plates to present fruits in can also be a smart idea to accessories your kitchen .

Choose furniture sets that are light weighted to reflect the simplicity of the country design of your kitchen , add colorful center rug with matching patterns and try to keep it away from the working area as possible .

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