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How to Design a Living Room That Reflects You

Applying your personal taste, lifestyle, and the available budget to your living room design without compromising the welcoming atmosphere could be difficult. However, by proper planning and deciding on the mood you want your living room to depict, it could actually be an extremely fun project to carry out.

Choosing a color palette goes hand in hand with deciding on a specific mood. If you want your living room to radiate energy and vibrancy, then a couple of bold rich colors are what you need. Likewise, go for neutral light colors if you want to create a serene and calm atmosphere.

Whatever style you choose, your preferences and interests, no matter how eccentric they are, should be the bottom-line. If you want to exhibit a gigantic wall portrait on one of the walls of your French country living room, don’t hesitate to do so. Likewise, create a design that is conducive to the atmosphere of your favorite activities.

For instance, if you prefer your living room to be a place where family and friends get together to relax and interact, let that be shown in the arrangement of your furniture. Thereby your sofa set and seats should all be close to each other for an easy conversation.

If you want your living room to be a place for cocktail parties and game nights, install furniture pieces that would best accommodate those activities including cocktail tables, maneuverable seating, and an ample storage spaces for games and remote controls.

To create a living room that ultimately reflects you isn’t actually a difficult job. You could add your favorite accessories or apply a wall mural that you like to your existing old living room to accomplish the mission. Also pay close attention to the details such as a recurrence of a specific pattern or color or removing uncalled-for items and accessories. Those details, although overlooked, could actually rejuvenate the whole space.

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