How to Design a Walk-in Closet in Your Bedroom

Many homeowners usually go for expert help for design their walk-in closet, but it’s only virtually needed when you’re starting from the scratch. When you have to construct a room within a room, there’ll be walls that need to be finished, electricity to be wired, and a floor to be installed. That’s when professional help is required, but when all that’s left is a closet that needs to be designed, you can do the rest of the process yourself.

First you should make a list of things you’d like to include in your closet such as seats, mirror, TV, flat-down ironing board, etc. When you plan the available space, try not to waste any footage squares. Install your shelves, cabinets, and drawers up to the ceiling and down to the floor. Frequently-used items should be eye-level, less-used around bottom, and least-used high on top.

One way to utilize your closet space is by doubling storage spaces like installing shelves or drawers beneath a hanging bar. Also keep in mind to assign full-length spaces for hanging your longer clothes.

Since a closet is a place you’ll usually be barefoot, consider wooden or vinyl flooring for convenience. Fluorescent lighting is of utmost important in your closet. This particular type of light provides adequate illumination without boosting heat in a small space, as incandescent lights do, for example.

To help see all of your items more easily, consider some see-through possibilities. There are wire bins, acrylic-fronted drawers, glass-fronted cabinet doors, etc. Also as windows are difficult to install in such space – because of the privacy required, you would need to add a ventilator or a dehumidifier to allow for airflow and prevent mold from accumulating.

Considering your mirror, make sure it’s not easily blocked by clothes or doors. Whether it’s a full-length mirror or a free-standing one, make sure you can get at least three feet far from it. Having all been said, allow for your unique personality to beautify the look of your walk-in closet with your favorite colors and suited accessories and set it apart as an original!