How to Find Clever Hidden Storage in Every Room

everyone tends to gather a lot of things over the years. Eventually we run out of storage places regardless of the size of our homes. So we have to think of new ideas and places to store our things. There are many hidden places in our rooms in which we can store things.

First of all, we must categorize our rooms according to their use and our lifestyle. We can place two ottomans next to each other in the living room and they will provide us with a nice coffee table and a good storage place to store magazine and remote controls and other stuff that usually lay around in a living room. We can use filing cabinets or round unfinished tables to as a hidden storage place and cover them with a nice tablecloth. They are inexpensive and practical, and they reduce clutter and make your place look delightful and inviting.

Basket shelves, cabinets, or benches provide you with hidden storage places to reduce clutter and they have multiple uses. Basket shelves can store just about anything, e.g. television accessories, kitchen utensils, clothes, makeup etc.. Basket cabinets can be used in any room in your house.               They will provide you with a great storage place and can be used to store almost anything. Basket benches are great for families. If you place them at the entrance they make a great hidden storage to put away shawls and mittens or you can use them to put away your shoes before entering your house.

Surveys revealed that the back of your doors is one of the most obvious but least used hidden storage places. You can use the back of your closet door to store accessories, hats, clothes or even shoes. You have a lot of ways to utilize this place like using vertical robe hooks or canvas bags.

Plastic containers are another great way to store your things in hidden places. You can store old toys, books or unused clothes under your bed or in your garage. Store the containers in your attic if you have things you don’t need but can’t get rid of. Since they are made of plastic they protect your things from moisture, dirt, and insects. Thus you can store them safely in your basement.

Another great idea for tiding up your place and reducing the clutter is using vacuum storage systems. They reduce the size of your stuff by up to 60%. You can use them to store sheets, blankets, pillows and a lot of other things, and because of their new reduced size you can store them in your wardrobe or under your bed.

There are a lot of other ideas on finding hidden storage places for your things. Be innovative and use your imagination to store your things and minimize clutter. Your place will be more efficient and will look more welcoming without clutter.