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How to Find and Restore Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

A bathroom built in vintage style brings an aura of tranquility and elegance that is incomparable. Even though it’s a challenge to capture the splendor of the roaring 1920s, it’s truly worth the effort. After installing your walls and floors in vintage retro look, you’re left with collecting your vintage bathroom fixtures. Below are some important tips you should know for that matter.

Bathroom fixtures such as retro bathtubs and faucets are extremely effective in creating the old time aura, but they have to be complimented by many other items. Therefore, try looking for a small vanity tray, hand-held shower faucets, a free-standing soap dispenser, retro styled nozzles, floor mats, and oval shaped mirrors with beveled edges.

There are many ways to find such vintage fixtures rather easily. One way is to visit your local salvage yard, thrift store, garage sales and flea markets. You can also rummage through your newspaper advertisement or search online for a few worthy bargains. The thing is you have to look for durables. Your bathroom is the most trafficked room in your house, so picking frail fixtures is not recommended.

After finding your bathroom fixtures, it’s time for restoring the original appearance of those items. Before fitting the old faucets, sinks, and tubs, they need to be cleaned and polished. You should buy a high quality resurfacing kit in order to fix the damaged portions. It’s also the time for hiring a professional as he’s the only one who knows how to fit those fixtures in the most correct manner.

A great idea is opting for built-ins that lessen the clutter and maximize the space in your bathroom. Go for towel bars, hidden cabinets, or built-in sinks. You could also spruce up the old world charm by antique sconces, frosted glass, metal, and art deco fixtures. With ceramic or stone tiles in a mosaic pattern and glossy polish, you have done well in recreating the era. Good luck!

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