How to Get Interior Design Ideas ‘without Hiring an Expert’

Some people struggle with their lack of ideas as they look for a design that’s personal and unique for their interiors. If you’re one of those people, you might as well know that you’re not alone. Instead of copying someone else’s ideas or hiring a highly-paid expert, here are some ways to lit your creativity spark;

One of the funniest ways to trigger an idea is paying attention to the background of scenes when you watch a movie. The fact is, all these sets and rooms are designed and decorated by famous interior designers who work professionally on every room. It’s like getting an advice from a good consultant without even leaving the house.

Searching a myriad of interior design photos is another recommended way to get ideas on your own. You could search Google or Flicker images to get the widest variety of results and dozens of beautiful ideas. However, these results should be narrowed down to actually be useful. So when searching, modify your search to include your budget, theme, color palette, and room. These details will help eliminate irrelevant images that might confuse you.

We should tell you a secret though. One way of turning a gloomy drape room into a vibrant shimmering one is wall pictures and art prints. They tie in beautifully with your room’s theme and color scheme to make a cohesive look and through which, you could inject your own personality into the place.

In order to choose fine wall pictures, you should consider a few things in advance. For instance, you need to take into account the mood you want your room to depict. You will find serene landscapes that work perfectly in your bedroom, colorful cartoon pictures that are ideal in a kid’s room, etc.

Your choice should also depend on the style of your room. An iron-framed work of a black and white photo looks gorgeous in a modern interior. Conversely, an art print with earthy, neutral colors in a wooden frame is a natural choice for a calm and cozy retreat.

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