How to Masterly Accentuate a White Interior with Black

It’s a universal fact that a black and white combination is one that’s hard to compete with in the world of colors. For one thing it works brilliantly with every design style ranging from classic to modern. Also, when accessorized with bold or even neutral colors, the result is marvelous. However, not every furniture piece in black or white will sure suit every interior. It largely depends on the style and surroundings.

For instance, any color that you add in your black and white interior stands out drastically. A few splashes of deep blue, red, or green will create a striking appeal, while cru, beige, tan or wooden accessories should do well in cozying up your space.

You should also add items that combine both black and white – such as a faux zebra or tiger rug, a piano with ebony and ivory keys, black and white photographs with black frames, a black clock with white numbers, cushions, black curtains with white check trims or prints, just to name a few. That way, you’d be balancing out large spaces of one color.

Keep in mind that too much black could tighten your space. So, one accent wall in black can offer a beautiful contrast to the other three white walls in your living room. Black kitchen cabinets, for instance, could be balanced by off-white countertops and floor tiles. If you choose a black headboard in your bedroom, you can lighten it by white beddings and printed cushions. Also black wall murals or stencils can liven up your white walls.

Fact is, unlike black, there are numerous shades of white. They include, but aren’t limited to, ivory, vanilla, cream, eggshell, beiges, and ecru. Pure white can lend your room the highest contrast, especially if accentuated with bold colors. Though, in that case, avoid over-lighting the space.

Alternatively, other shades of white are much softer and deeply associated with a classical feel. For a wonderful vintage effect, you could decorate the entire space in various hues of gray as though the whole room is a screencap of an old black and white movie.