Interior Design 4

How to organise your reception area? !

The reception area is one of the most important spaces in an apartment, a condo, a hotel or even a palace. Being a busy space in any house might be considered the reason behind its importance. When decorating a reception area, you have to put in mind that it acts as an introduction to a book, how so? Your reception area should be consistent and cohesive with the theme and style you picked for the whole house or at least the rooms most close to it. This means matching close color palettes and avoiding bizarre combinations as it might be considered tasteless.

For a house, a reception area most likely contains ample storage space for coats, shoes and umbrellas, a console, a mirror, a bench or a couple of small chairs for sitting while changing shoes. Accessories are very important for this area, it could be an elegant vase with some floral arrangements. The most important thing about reception area furniture is durability and that is why you are always advised to go with Oak wood.

For a hotel, a bar or any sort of center, reception areas are as important as they are in houses except for the fact that they cost more to organise. In any lobby, whether it is in a corporate or a hotel, there has to be a central decorative piece that represents what this place is about. This piece is called the focal point of ambiance, it might be a statue, a slogan or even a fountain as long as it can easily be tied to this particular place and no other. Another thing to take care of is how you organise your available space to ensure a perfect flow of traffic. This include how you organise the seating, the bar and the reception desk.