How to Organise a Traditional Living Room? !

For those who love elegance and sophistication, now it is in your grasp to have a living room exceeding the limits of fascination. The key word is traditional, traditional has various connotations; some are positive and others are as negative as negativity could be defined. However, in this article I am targeting the bright side; the one that you will get when you follow mere traditional decor rules by the slightest detail. The wonderful thing about traditional decorations is that they do a great job defying time. Also, we tend to tackle traditional decorations for the living room specifically. But why the living room?!

Historically, living rooms where rooms to admire as they are all about excellence and social position. A living room was called a drawing room, it is a place where your guests twist their heads around to see it all. It is a sacred tradition in its organisation; the organisation here is symmetrical with certain pieces to be put in certain order. You will have a sofa and a painting above with side tables at every end and lambs above them. You will also have a couple of arm chairs to the left and another couple to the right.

The chairs could be two or three on each side with some coffee tables around the space and let me urge you to remember using an accent rug to put the whole thing together. Traditional style always puts the focus on neutral colors like cream and beige. These two colors offer a variety of ideas and twists to your personal view of the room. You do not have to fulfill a cliché here; red and green offer the salvation for your design. Not only these two colors will save your day but they will also keep the theme as traditional as ‘Traditional’ was meant to be.

Pics Via : fortikur

Pics Via : myartomat