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How to Position your Furniture in a Right Manner?!

How to position your furniture is a rather easy task once you get your mind in the right order. Positioning your furniture for the first time can be a bit intimidating, so are you afraid of ending up in total mess wasting your effort? Repositioning your furniture is good for a change every once in a while, but are you sure about your new plan? Either you are repositioning your furniture or putting it together for the first time, you have to be quite organised about the whole process. In this article we are going through it with you in a few simple steps.

Since we want to be sure what will fit where, then the first step will be taking accurate measurements of the room. And of course at the same time you have the measurements of your own furniture. If you want to add or renew any piece of furniture, now is the perfect time as you have now all the measurements of both your room and your already bought furnishings. For those positioning their furniture for the first time we did not mean to exclude you here, now join us again. Now it is time to put it all on paper, why is this step important? Because you will have a better organisation for your virtual room as you will put together all the details including the tiniest decorating decisions

Following that step will be the ‘get it all out’ step, now is the time you get your furniture all out of the room except for the biggest piece of furniture. Now you have the chance to clean the whole room as it is widely exposed. The question is why did we leave behind the biggest piece? This leads us to the next step which is determining a focal point; that is have the biggest item as your focal point of the room upon which you will arrange the whole set. For the bedroom the focal point will be your bed, for the living room it is the TV though it is not a must. Now bring in piece by piece into the room just the way you imagined it. I strongly recommend the FengShui style as it allows energy rotation in the house and it is mainly about avoiding to position any item of furniture in a blocking manner; that is blocking your way.

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