How Shabby Chic Style Gives Your Home a Unique look?

Shabby chic is a style of decor started in Great Britain in the 1980s. It is inspired by the worn faded furniture and old paintworks of the grand old manor houses. Thus, to achieve shabby chic style, you have to make your decor look worn and old purposely.

There are many ideas to achieve shabby chic look. You can use fine linen fabric with worn pastel colors. You can also use white fabric and stain it with tea to look old. Lavender, light blue, pink, light green and light yellow are perfect colors for shabby chic painting.

Shabby chic coffee table is not difficult to make. You can get inspired by visiting flea markets, boot sales and junk yards. Then you can choose a low-cost coffee table that suites your room space. For painting, you can use an eggshell paint as it can be cleaned easily by using a water- based white acrylic undercoat. You can paint using a roller or a natural bristle paint brush. You have to paint in the direction of wood grain. Muted blues, greens and shaded of white are a typical shabby chic paint colors. Then use a fine grain sandpaper to make your table look wear. Now you have your own shabby chic coffee table with the lowest cost and its done by yourself.

Shabby chic furniture is the latest trend in dining room furniture. Shabby chic dining table should be 3 ft square, white and with turned legs to highlight its strength. Chairs have to be very comfortable and with turned legs also.

Living room is the room that holds many years of memories you have shared with your family in many occasions. It has to have a modern look and shabby chic style is the latest trend. Furniture made of styled wood like oak, dark wood or white perfectly matches the shabby chic look. Curtains have to be patterned or floral. Chandelier for lighting is a good choice. If you love to show off your accessories and antiques, shabby living room is a perfect choice for you.

In conclusion, shabby chic trend is stylish and has a relaxing look. You can achieve this modern style in any room of your house like living room, dining room, guest room and the nursery.

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