How to Add a Touch of Luxury and Fun to Your Home by Michaeline Fernandez Team

Every time you decide to remodel your home, you think that the place will look as the paradise. A few mistakes can disturb the look of the place; yet, you can inspire luxurious and enjoying ideas from Michaeline Fernandez’s décor projects to apply in your own home.

To provide your existing living room a luxurious look, you can use soft textures, warm colors, and a few extra elements. For example, Michaeline Fernandez and her team use arched windows, heavy light brown curtains with similar pillows, and a cast iron chandelier to create a luxurious look in a traditional living room.

In another traditional living room, the designers try to make use of the moldings and neutral colors to create a luxurious touch using golden stools, patterned fabrics, and a medium-sized mirror above the mantel.

You can combine luxury and fun in your kids’ rooms whether such rooms are traditional, eclectic, or modern. In an eclectic kid’s bedroom decorated by Michaeline Fernandez, the mauve and white or green colors with black accents, smart storage spaces, and colorful displayed toys provide the place a unique touch of fun. The team members create the same touch of fun in a master bedroom displaying the homeowner’s favorite collection on a floating shelf above a desk and acrylic chair.

Creating a touch of luxury and fun in your bathroom will reduce your life stress and improve your mood. A good trick to provide your bathroom a luxurious touch on budget is to make use of the high ceiling and paint it a dark shade of the wall color. The luxurious chandler, simple framed paintings or mirrors, patterned wallpaper, or colorful mosaic tiles will enhance the luxury of the place.