How to Brighten your Windowless Basement

Brightening up your basement will mostly need a plenty of natural light, but if you can’t install windows you will use a few tricks to give the place a bright look. This article will try to help you find the perfect solutions for your basement.

The traditional and most effective way to brighten up any space is to paint the walls light colors and to choose slightly warmer colors for the room’s furniture. For example, if you will use cream or beige walls with white boarders, you can use warm yellow, orange, golden, or even light brown furniture pieces to create balance in the place.The ceiling may need white or a light color with a few structural designs to trick the eye of having a high ceiling.

The perfect artificial lighting system should make for the natural light and give the place a spacious look. Try to use recessed overhead or adjustable lights in addition to the track lights, dimmers, fluorescent lights indirect lights, and accent lights.

If you can install simple or colorful ceiling LED lights or small bulbs around the boarder of your ceiling, the place will certainly look bright and fantastic.

It will be a great idea if you can even install a small skylight to bring natural light a few minutes every day into the room. You can use the track lighting fixtures beside the darkest pieces of furniture to create a sense of balance in the place.

If your basement has unfinished walls and ceiling, you can install drywall or waterproof wall system to let the place look as any normal room in your home. The natural plants that don’t need much sunlight will brighten up your basement adding more fresh oxygen to the place.

Placing a suitable TV in your basement will be a great idea to be an amusement source and to brighten up the place at the same time.

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