How to have a Chic Interior Decoration using Baroque Curtain Ideas

Shabby chic bedding line is your key to have style, comfort and a soft touch in your bedroom. Muted blues, greens, pinks and whites are the colors of this style also, use strips, and flower arrangements.

Kids and Shabby Chic. Shabby Chic line is a good choice for children’s beds, because the majority of the Shabby bedding is machine washable.

Shabby Chic Decorating. Buy designs which add taste, a few accessories can do that like curtains, chair coverings, runners, and shades. Use combination of old and new to have a bedroom with modern shabby chic atmosphere. Look for these things when buying shabby chic items. Firstly, it should be comfortable and soft. Lastly, make sure that the colors are perfectly aged. But make sure it’s not washed-out.

A vintage piece can be done easily, just make it look old, oruse sandpaper to rough up the edges. Also oversized furniture that is very comfortable is used in shabby chic style. Old lace tablecloths, filmy curtains, colorful flowers, slipcovers, inherited jewelry and knickknacks, candlesticks, and vases are examples of accessories of this style, wonderful isn’t It.

A great thing about this style is that it doesn’t need a high budget. You can get what you want from garage sales, or any second-hand store. Ideas to use today to get your shabby chic furniture-floor and table lamps, mirrors and picture frames, towel racks, candle holders, small tables, plant stands, beautiful lace, and carved wood. These are just examples of what you can use.

Now to the shabby chic kitchen. Take an inventory of keepsakes (like an old wooden recipe box) and newer knick knacks that can be your decor. Old measuring spoons and tin cookie cutters are examples of this. Use a tall old iron corner shelf to display your old items and also make use of them, this will save a lot of space. Use a valance scarf as a curtain. Use a scroll-type hook. An old iron chandelier over the dining table this is a wonderful idea. All of these ideas plus your imagination and creativity will do wonders to your home.

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