How to Choose the Carpet Fiber for Your Home

Choosing the right carpet fibers will affect its lifespan, cleaning method, texture, and cost. You can decide the fiber of your carpet as per the style and color of your interior, the durability and softness you need, and the budget you can afford. Here are the features of every carpet fiber and you should define the perfect one according to your needs.

The natural fabrics such as wool and cotton have luxurious and strong textures and are perfect in your eco-friendly home with matching window covers. The wool carpet is a durable, soft, and dense option that will provide your home an inviting look. However, you should maintain such a carpet properly and use the right chemicals to remove stain and protect it from the harmful sunrays. Cotton carpets and area rugs are available with different colors and soft textures, but they need tricky cleaning requirements.

The artificial carpet fibers will provide you durable, stain resistant, and less expensive options. For example, the acrylic carpet has the same look and feel of wool, but it resists moisture, mildew, fading, and sun damage. Nylon is another fabric that resists insects, chemicals, and rot effectively. You can easily clean and maintain the nylon carpet without affecting its color.

You will pay a moderate price for the nylon carpet that may last for 12 to 15 years.The polyester carpet will provide your floor a luxurious lookand will resist water-soluble stains. However, it can fade easily in the direct sunlight.

You can find carpets made of mixed fabrics to combine durability with natural look or stain resistance.For example, the polyester carpet can be mixed with nylon to become more resilient and durable. A small amount of natural fabricsis added to the artificial fabric carpets to increase their value and provide them a soft feel.

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