How to Choose Living Room Color

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to redecorating the living room, the first question that comes into everybody’s mind is what colors can I use for the new style? In fact, the living room is the most substantial part in any home, as there are usually held all the daily activities. If you decided to use brown in your living room, then you should know that the popular shades of brown are chocolate, beige and orangish-beige.

If you are a fan of nature, then you can bring it in your living room by using green color or you can combine green with colors like yellow, white and gray to make the room more attractive. If your work is too hard and you want to get some relaxation in your living room, then you should use blue for painting interiors.

To create a formal and balanced mood in your living room, opt for gray to paint the walls of your living room and consider using light colored furniture in shades of beige or ash. If you love darkness and your living room walls are in black, then you can make a room looks funky by hanging vibrantly colored paintings.

Spice up your living room by using white and gray colors or you can use gold tones in the upholstery, table cloths, or accessories. If your living room is not big enough, then the best solution for you is using light shades of blue as you can play around with various shades of blue, like pastel blue, azure, turquoise, navy etc.

If you want to make your guests feel happy, opt for a very bright color like orange. This color will brighten up your living room. Finally, you can hang mirrors on the wall as a cover in case you want to stash something bad on the wall.

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