How to Choose Your New Ceiling Material

As you carefully choose the materials of your floor and furniture pieces, you should choose the right ceiling materials to preserve the functional and aesthetic look of the place. Your choice will depend on several criteria including the style, color, function, and size of the room.

Your modern room will need a drop, suspended, or false ceiling with sleek and stylish architectural designs.Such a ceiling can be made of lightweight tiles with the material you choose such as fiberglass, vinyl-coated gypsum, or metal. This ceiling will be perfect in your teenager room or a theater room, as it will reduce the noise into the room.

The plaster ceiling will be perfect in your kitchen and bathroom, as it is made of natural gypsum; thus, has low water absorption levels and a smooth surface. Plasterboard is a cheap and easy to install material, as you will just attach the sheets to the ceiling using nails.

Similarly, the gypsum board will be perfect in your kitchen and bathroom ceiling, as it is fire and moister resistant, flexible, and lightweight. Such an economize option can be installed as a suspended ceiling from a strong metal grid ceiling.The drywall ceiling will successfully hide the imperfections of your ceiling, but will be a source of echoes in the noise rooms. You can design this ceiling with different shapes such as orange peel, popcorn, and splatter.

Your traditional home ceiling will look extremely luxurious with a heavily decorated metal ceiling with a historical or an antique look. The old barn lumber with drywall behind will provide you a chance to paint and stain them using almost any color. You can install wooden beams or boards to such a traditional ceiling to create a warm and inviting look in the place.

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