How to Choose the Perfect Nightstand for a Kids Bedroom

Are you remodeling your kids’ bedroom because your babies are growing up? This project will need careful choices for every piece of furniture according to the gender, number, ages, and preferences of your kids. This article will try to help you choose the perfect nightstand for such a room.

The safety and durability of your kids’ room nightstand should be the first criterion you should consider because you will expect some wear and tear from most of your children in different ages. It can be made of different materials such as wood or metal, but all the hinges and hardware should behidden as safety measurements. Such a nightstand may include a cabinet with a drawer, several drawers, or just a table with a free space underneath to let your kids play freely.

The size of your kids’ nightstand should be slightly higher than the level of their bed to let them reach the top of the nightstand easily. If you have twins bed, you have the choice to place one nightstand in the middle or to place a nightstand beside every bed. The second solution will be perfect in a large room or if you have a little boy and girl. If your kids are in the school, the open shelving nightstand will provide them a perfect place to store the books they read before the bedtime.

Your kids’ room nightstand can add a funny feel to the whole room. For example, you can find whimsical nightstand designs on the shape of flowers, animals, or cartoon characters with different colors to match your kids’ room decor. The nightstand lamp comes with several designs to enhance the whimsical look and theme of the whole place. The little girls will be fascinated with the fairy lights and the boys will love the theme of airplane or basketball.