How to Choose the Ideal Bathroom Curtains

As far as we know, curtains are what usually make the overall look in the bathroom. They are the first thing your eyes notice when entering the bathroom, and that’s why they are the perfect focal point you can get to build other decorations and accessories around. Also, if you chose a neutral color for walls and floors, then you’d be having a great opportunity in changing your bathroom style every now and then, by simply installing new set of curtains.

Choosing you bathroom curtains depends partially on what style you have in mind. Styles range from classic to eclectic, but even if you decided on a specific style, there are other things you should consider before purchasing a curtain though.

Firstly, you should determine the color of your curtains according to both the size of your bathroom and its dominant color. Avoid dark heavy fabrics, especially in a small bathroom. Also, if you have patterned wallpaper, then try sticking to solid colors to ensure a soothing tranquil effect.

Matching your shower and window curtains will create a cohesive look, but if matching curtains isn’t an option, try opting for ones complementing each other. Take a paint sample or a tile swatch with you to help you choose the right color. Also, don’t forget to pick a washable fabric and non-porous liner for your shower curtain to ensure durability and efficiency.

As for your window treatments, a cafe style curtains will lend a beautiful radiant and cheerful atmosphere. Since natural lighting and good ventilation is of paramount importance in your bathroom, opt for delicate fabrics that allow the maximum amount of sunlight and fresh air in while still creating the required privacy.

Installing your window curtains could actually be extremely easy. The first step is to fix the hardware for the curtain rod to the wall. Then, put the curtain on the rod by pushing the rod through the grommets in the curtains. Finally, hang the rod by placing its ends onto the hardware.

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