How to choose the right knobs

Although knobs are tiny things but they have a great impact on any room decor. In this article we have shared some ideas that might help you to buy the right knobs for your furniture pieces.

Firstly, you should consider the size of your furniture before going to buy new knobs so try to opt for a cabinet knob or pull that is of the right size for your furniture pieces. Try to choose knobs style that reflects your taste and always choose knobs that are easy to clean, such as sealed metal knobs.

Do you want to spice up your room or kitchen? If so, then you should replace your old knobs with ceramic knobs. When it comes to buying ceramic cabinet knobs, then it’s advisable to opt for knobs that are in bold colors so that you can turn them into focal points in your room.

Keep in mind, ceramic cabinet knobs blend well with the room with a vintage or country-style pattern. If you are looking for appropriate knobs for your room that has a modernized design, then knobs that are of contemporary style are your choice. Knobs that are rounded or smooth are preferable for kids’ rooms.

If you want to make a smile on your kid’s face, then you need to opt for knobs that are shaped, like cars, animals, flowers and bears. To lend glamour to your room, try to use a backplate for your knobs. To give your home a new look, go in for neutral knobs.

To add pizzazz to your kitchen or bathroom spaces, then you should opt for colorful knobs. If you intend to buy wooden knobs, then you should know that they might lose their finish if you cleaned them repeatedly.

Finally, small, traditional knobs with a smooth finish work with almost any decor. If you are searching for more suggestions about how to choose the right knobs, look at the images below.


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