How To Choose Tuscan Curtains

Tuscan interior design resemble the classical rustic countryside of Italy , the Tuscan interior design adds a soft touch to the room of beauty that makes the room feel warm and ergonomic . And as agreed about that the curtains are indispensable element in any room , then careful selection of the curtains for your Tuscan designed room is a must .

When choosing your Tuscan style curtains Opt for colors such as orange ,azura , golden yellow , deep reds , ivory , cream or sage green , if you want yo use more bold and brighter colors use ivory , cream or lighter shade of brown , make sure that all the colors in the room reflects the Tuscan feel and are matching one another properly .

Like you should be very careful about choosing the colors for your Tuscan style room choosing the textures and fabrics are no exception , the textures and fabrics for your Tuscan style curtains are as important as choosing the colors , use Lenin , cotton or stone washed fabrics as they reflect the rustic country appeal , stay away from heavy fabrics like silk and organza because this kind of fabrics poorly blend in with the Tuscan style .

When you are choosing curtains for your Tuscan style room make sure of the heights of your windows , the wrong size curtains will look out of place and will mess up the whole look , Tuscan curtains should be hanging down to the floor , shorter curtains will make the windows look short and the whole concept of Tuscan style will be spoiled . If you have shorter windows opt for wooden mini blinds with valances that match up with the Tuscan style in your room .

The Tuscan style have its own particular charm that the elegance high class speakers are fascinated by , the Tuscan style is a fabulous design that’s generated by merging rich colors and textures together . the Tuscan style is welcoming and suitable for all room and have a smooth effect on the eye and the general mood and state of mind of the room users .