How to Create a Jungle-Themed playroom

Many people neglect the playroom and put more focus on home decor to the more visited rooms of the house. Here, we offer you some innovative ideas for creating a jungle-themed playroom. Have a look!

Decorating the playroom on the concept of a theme would be an ideal idea. The best theme ideas for playroom are animals, cartoons and characters from a particular story.

You should know the hobbies of your kid. If your child loves adventures, then you should decorate the playroom with a jungle theme. In case you have a little girl, then a princess or Barbie doll theme is worth consideration.

To get started on a jungle room, paint the walls white or blue then add a rainforest mural with stencils and frame out the rainforest wall with a little plywood or scrap lumber so that it looks like you’re looking out a window at the forest.

For a realist jungle feel, try to add an animal wall sticker on a single wall and paint other walls in lively earth tones. You can also add artificial green ferns to each corner in the playroom. You can use grass skirts to decorate tables and windows. Try to transform a plain armoire or cabinet into a jungle hut by painting it brown or tan, or cover it with placemats made of bamboo.

Remember, safety and beauty should go hand in hand. Hence, avoid using flooring that is too slippery for the playroom because children tend to run around and a slippery floor can lead to accidents. The best type of flooring for the playroom is vinyl or ceramic tiles.

Great advice, don’t put any items that include sharp edges or toxic materials in the playroom. To develop the sense of facetiousness in the playroom, use tiles of various colors and patterns as you can get various colors of tiles for play area, reading area, painting and sleeping area.

When it comes to choosing the furniture for the playroom, then nothing can beat plastic furniture. To create a reading spot in the playroom, install a small shelf in the corner of the room where your children can read and relax.

For an exciting looking play room, the color of furniture should complement the overall decor of the room. In case you liked reading this article, you will surely adore taking a look at the following photos about how to create a jungle-themed playroom.