How to Create a Gorgeous Japanese Garden

Recently, more and more people use Japanese design and décor when they decorate their gardens. Japanese gardens are gorgeous. They reflect the Japanese people’s love for nature and their refined artistic sense. If you like to have a Japanese garden or redecorate your garden following a Japanese style, here are some guidelines that will help you achieve that.

Basically, there are thre types of Japanese gardens: Chaniwa, Tsukiyama and Karasensui gardens. Chaniwa gsrdens are usually used for tea ceremonies, so you have to have a teahouse in your garden.Tsukiyama gardens represent the beauty of nature, so they have flowers, water features, ponds, footpaths and a bridge. Karasensui gardens use gravel and boulders to display the beauty of nature in an abstract way. All these styles reflect the great love the Japanese culture has for nature. Japenese culture emphasizes on trees and plants. So if you are considering creating a Japanese garden, you have to know what trees and plants reflect a Japanese styles. Maple trees- for example – are an excellent choice. Many seem to like them because of their blazing red leaves. Other plants you could use are Bonsai trees, ivies, creepers and mosses. These plants are gorgeous and they will give your garden a realistic aesthetic touch.

Another trick you could use to create a Japanese style garden is using water features. What we mean here by water features is ponds, fountains, artificial streams. Big Japanese gardens have a pond with a bridge. Water features will give your garden a soothing effect. You can make your garden look even better with few simple accessories that represent Japanese culture like lanterns and sculptures.

Japanese style concentrates on nature above anything else; the effect of using stone, water, and great is amazingly beautiful and relaxing. Creating a Japanese garden will draw the sighs and “wows” of your guests and neighbors.

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