How to Create an Interesting Focal Point in Your Kitchen with Drury Design

Many people consider their kitchens as functional spaces that should accommodate all of cooking appliances, utensils, and gadget or provide them a space to cook freely. Actually, this is the functional role of your kitchen, but you can provide it a stunning look and even set your kitchen as the focal point of your open design home.

The popular way to decorate your modern kitchen is to coordinate the color, use clean lines, and install stainless steel appliances and rectilinear hood, acrylic cabinets, quartz countertops, Porcelanosa tiles, raised countertops, and hidden LED light.

In Chicago, Gail Drury and her team use such glossy finishes in a monochromatic kitchen and set the dark grey Porcelanosa with glass backsplash tiles as the focal point of the place. If you have large windows in your kitchen with a fascinating outdoor view, it will be a great idea to decorate your kitchen around such windows using modern lighting fixtures at the same time.

In several modern kitchens, Gail uses hidden and spotlights to display the backsplashes made of Italian porcelain tiles with a smoke color and staggered patterns, wood-like strips, a Moorish-patterned arch with dimensional stone, patterned granite, and cultured stone as the focal points of the place. This specific area has an induction cooktop that will provide you a feel of the fireplace.

If your kitchen has an empty wall, you can cover it with deep colored tiles to grape your guests’ attention and provide the place an outstanding look. If you have a two-level kitchen island with granite and glass tops and inner storage space to house a microwave and a hidden computer processing unit, it will be an ideal focal point in the place. In your traditional kitchen, the trim moldings with high ceiling or suspended ceiling with warm or colorful hidden light will create a unique and outstanding focal point.