How to Create a Non-Slip Outdoor Decking

The decking is a perfect place to spend your time in, enjoying the fresh air and the marvelous views around. If the sun heat is annoying you, you can use a large umbrella or terrace to provide you the needed protection. However, you will need more protection in winter from the rain and slippery after rain times.
To protect yourself from slipping on the decking, you should simply install a non-slip deck made of hardwood or softwood. Such an option will keep your decking non-slipping for a considerable period, but with the pass of time, the fungus can be formed and cause slippery. In this case, you will need to clean the wooden floor very well and clear all of the dirt then let the place dry to make sure that it will be safe for a long time.
Another practical way to create a non-slip decking is to screw abrasive strips adjacent to the traffic way to prevent the legs from slipping. You can install the strips along the way of your deck or only in the key areas. Such strips are inexpensive and easy to install at the beginning of the construction process or after a long time of use.
Painting your deck a layer of non-slip coating is an effective method, as it includes abrasive materials. Such a coating can be paint, varnish, or oil to let you choose what will suite the conditions of your deck.If you will paint the coating yourself, you will need first to clean the surface carefully and let it dry in the sun. Then, you can apply a balanced layer of non-slip coating carefully and let the surface dry again. Try to make sure that you have white spirit to clean your hands and instruments immediately after you finish the job.