How to Create a Perfect Eclectic Look from the Designs of Amber Clore

To create a timeless and high-functional home within your budget, you need creative ideas from skillful designers like Amber Clore and her team. They can design modern, contemporary, cottage, and traditional home style and renovate existing homes in an incredible creativity and accuracy.

If your family members have different tastes and you need a way to please all of them, the Contempo-Eclectic Residence at Lake Mary will inspire you greatly. The bedroom has a combination of colors and styles including brick-like wallpaper, ladder-like bedside tables and dressing table, copper table lambs, and traditional patterned bed bench along with modern upholstered read headboard, York wallpaper with Aviva pattern in the ceiling, an elegant chandelier and a red patterned curtain.

In Lake Mary, Amber Clore and her team remodel the modern Mixage creating an interesting and friendly look. The focal point neutral colored wall in the living space has several personal and artwork framed pictures with different sizes and colors enhanced by the colors of the area rug and furniture pieces. In the Restempo residence, Amber Clore uses traditional elements such as white, brown, and warm beige colors in addition to pendant lanterns to complete the look. The designer uses blue rustic pieces of furniture to create a sense of unity in the place. The bedroom has a simple leather seating area with a geometric patterned curtain to let its owner read a book before his bedtime.

When you intend to create an eclectic look using modern, contemporary, and urban elements, the natural materials will certainly combine all the elements of the room. Amber Clore uses a glass coffee table, a natural wooden side table, a pedestal console table, and upholstered seating furniture in the living space and combines them using a vase of colorful orchid flowers. In the kitchen, the designer uses natural stone countertop with stainless steel backsplashes and traditional cabinets to create an authentic eclectic look.

Amber Clore’s team is ready to provide full residential and commercial interior design services in several areas in Florida. The team members use their high quality design experience and the available cutting-edge technology to provide you comfort, style, distinctive individuality, and creativity.