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How to Create a Retro and Classic Look in Your Home

The retro classic style can bring warmth and relaxation to your home with its neutral colors and wooden materials. If you need to design or decorate your home with a retro classic theme, you should be aware with the prevalent trends at this time.

To design a retro classic living room, you can opt for the wing chairs or recliners with arm chairs that can take horizontal positions. The slim feet wooden sofas with leather or soft fabrics and foam upholstered cushions will perfectly match the wooden coffee tables with chrome, metal, or wooden slim feet that can has glass or wooden top. The retro classic sofa usually has about 7 feet length, is divided into two cushions and can accommodate three people. The retro classic chairs have upholstered seats and backrests to blend with the room.

The retro classic bedroom will include a walk-inpolished wooden closet with elegant patterns, sliding or two door opening, and carved designs, a leather upholstery headboard, and a low beside cabinet with four or five drawers and a round lamp above. The retro class dining room is elegant and formal as you will receive your guests there. The room may include a circular or rectangular table with glass top and slim crossed feet.

Your retro classic furniture can be painted orange, cream, green, or blue and the formal furniture can be white, black, red, brown, or grey according to the main color of the room. Your fabrics will add a warm look by their prints, strips, and polka dots and they bold or various colors and textures. The shag rugs at different parts of your home; especially in front of your bed and your living room couches will enhance the warm and inviting look of the place.

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