How to Create a Surprising Spaciousness and Luxury in Your Traditional Home by James Glover

The traditional home designs feature architectural details, arched shapes, and rich colors creating a tight feel. Thus, you can apply one of James Glover’s strategies to provide such a space unique spaciousness enhancing its luxurious look.
Making use of the high-ceiling and large windows in your traditional home will bring the outside in and let you feel you live beyond the walls.

Glover chooses the tropical theme in an Orange County kitchen to enhance the natural look of the place. James Glover and his team provide beach Belardi house a uniquely luxurious look using arched windows and doors leading to the marvelous view of the water.

In Clemens house, Glover makes use of the soaring ceiling to install several doors and skylights to flood the place with natural light. The flexible home layout that enables you to change the functionality of a certain room according to your needs will help you enhance the concept of spaciousness in your traditional home.

To let the natural light flood into your home, you can use low furniture and open plan staircases. The light and elegant furnishing with fewer patterns or the neutral colored furnishings with shiny or vertical patterns will provide your home a wider look. In a Wulf residence, Glover’s team members install rosewood cabinets with blue limestone counters in addition to pops of red curtains to enhance the spacious and inviting look of the place.

The outdoor decks or balconies are ideal ways to provide your home a surprisingly spacious look. In a Montalvo house, James Glover installs a seating area with a colorful touch, a dining space, and an outdoor kitchen at the deck space. Such a fresh green space will be a real soul for your home and an entertaining space for all of your family members.