How to Create a Tropical Bedroom?

Most people have that fantasy of escaping the stress of everyday life to an endless vacation. If you really have that fantasy, you can simply decorate your bedroom with a tropical flair. There are many creative ways to establish such a beach or island theme in your bedroom.

Colors of your room play an integral role in tropical decor. The walls of your room can be painted by turquoise, bright blue, green, coral or white in order to give your room the sense of freshness you are after. These bright colors can be contrasted by dark shaded wood furniture and flooring. A pale yellow rug can connect these contrasting colors and gives the feel of sands.

Beach prints and patterns can also enhance the tropical theme of your room. You may paint a beach landscape with palm trees on one wall while having tropical paintings hung on other walls. Another, you may have tropical patterns either on pillows or on bedding sets. Consider also animal designs like leopard spots or tiger prints. Yet, never mix between different patterns or prints. All patterns need to complement each other to achieve that sense of harmony.

Add to these, tropical accessories are vital in your tropical theme. Candles are always lovely in such a romantic atmosphere. You can also have sea stars and sea shells accessories. Tropical plants and flowers can also be used. Sheer fabrics draped over your bed and windows absolutely improve the soft look of your room. Have as many pillows as you wish on your bed to create that comfy atmosphere of a bedroom.

All in all, do not over decor your room with too much tropical stuff. Remember the beach is relaxing and quiet. Creativity and simplicity are your keys for a peaceful tropical design.

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