How to Decorate a Big Living Room

Decorating a large room can be as challenging as decorating a small one. However, decorating a large room can be fun since a large room isn’t as limited as a small room is in regards to furnishings and color palettes. But the downside is that living rooms that are too large may not always feel cozy and inviting. However, with the right color choices, clever furniture arranging, and a few other decorating tips and tricks you can make your living room feel more comfortable and more welcoming than ever.

Stay away from cool light colors as they naturally enlarge the look of a space and go for warm hues instead. Choose a color or a grouping of colors that will make the room feel cozy and inviting. You can choose to either paint the entire space one color or break it up with multiple shades. Moreover, in order to have a cohesive look, be sure to reuse the wall colors in the fabrics and decor throughout the room.

Add metal wall art and wall decor to add warmth the room and make it feel more inviting. For example, choose metal wall art that includes rich reds, yellows, and shades of orange. In addition, choose the metal wall art according to the style you are having, whether it is traditional or contemporary.

For the flooring coverings, select a large patterned area rug that will break up the space and add interest and appeal to the area, dedicate a seating area for conversation and use the rug as the central point of arrangement.

As for the furniture, arrange them with conversation in mind. Make the chairs face toward a sofa or loveseat that is arranged around an area rug to make it easy to converse with family and friends. Moreover, do not push all of your furniture against the walls as this may feel awkward in a large space as it will make guests feel like they need to yell to be heard.

Instead, keep your furnishings within three feet of each other In addition, if your room is large but has low ceilings, choose furnishings that are low to create an appearance of height. Cushioned, rounded seating and skirted sofas and chairs with arms can add warmth to a large, cold space.

When it comes to accessories in a large living room, think in groups of threes, for example, three vases grouped together, three frames as the eye will view these items as a whole and it will keep them from getting lost in your space.

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