How to Decorate your Eco-Friendly Home with Mushroom Shelves

As a lover of nature, you will be satisfied with natural materials and decorations in every part of your home. The mushroom shelves will create a gorgeous look into your home; especially if they are made of carved basswood or any kind of natural materials.

The original mushroom shelves were invented by the Dutch farmers to help them in collecting mushroom pieces because touching the mushroom reduces its productivity. The shelves are one of the storing systems that enhance the air circulation among the mushroom pieces to keep them fresh all the time.

These shelves can be made of actual mushroom that is dried for a few days in the fresh air then in the oven to be firm and sturdy. After making sure that it is durable enough to carry books or antiques, you can attach wall fastenings to the mushroom piece and finish them with a coat of matte lacquer or paint it with the color that will match your furniture. You can even purchase the readymade or custom made mushroom shelves with the color that will enhance the theme of your home.

The mushroom shelves will look perfect with the mushroom forest coffee tables and side tables with an interesting tropical stickerin the living room. You can create an interesting mushroom theme in your little girl’s room using white and pink or red chairs with similar shelves above the desk or beside the bed. Another idea to decorate your kid’s room is to place a piece of art, that consists of a mushroom man with hand painted face and attached shelf above his head, on the desk or the closet to enhance the tropical or forest theme in the room. Your own bedroom can be decorated with wall mounted shelves with mushroom motif with the color of the regular wood or the color of your bedroom.

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