How to Decorate your Home Office?

When choosing the general décor of your home office, you have two options; the first option is to match the style of the office with the style of the entire home and the second option is to decorate the office as a separate space. Determining which option you are going to choose is depending on your answers to three questions.

• Is the one styled decoration of your home visible from any areas of the house?
• Is your office can be seen from other rooms of your home?
• Does your work have a special style that can be reflected in the decor?

According to these questions, we will go through few ways to help you in creating a nice decor in your home office. In the case of using the same decor and style of your house in your office, it isn’t a must to use the exact color scheme or mood. You can combine the outside style with the style of your office nicely. That means that you have the option to use the colors itself but in different proportions or reverse the main colors. Remember that the office should seem different from the other parts of your home, so you have the ability to modify the atmosphere along with respecting the general style of your home.

On the other hand, if you are going to create a different style to your office, the task is really interesting. The decor of your office should say a lot about your personality and style. If you’re fascinated by bold colors, classic cars, angles, etc add them to your decor regardless their relation with the main activity you are going to do in your office.

Mean while, you should incorporate things that express the kind of work you practice in For instance, if you are using your office as a workshop and you are a fashion designer you can add your supplies to the décor such as spools of thread or decorate the wall with some of your designs.

When it comes to the colors of your office, using warm colors like yellows and reds in large proportions can make you feel thirsty. While blue is very relaxing. A recommended way to go in terms of your office colors is to choose three colors. Use one as a major color may be for walls, and the second main color for rug, drapes, desk accessories, etc. And use the third one as an accent color appearing in small touches like flowers in a vase or a couple of photo frames.