How to Decorate your Home with an Outstanding Moroccan Theme

The Moroccan theme is famous for its rich colors and fabrics in addition to wide use of work of art.In reality, your home will look outstanding and inviting with such an outdoor decor; especially if you have a large space and an outdoor garden. Here is the best way to decorate your home using the Moroccan theme.

Decorating your home with Moroccan theme will create a warm and an inviting look; especially in your living room because the Moroccans themselves are hospitable and generous.So, you will need to choose the rich and warm colors such as dark red, deep blue, purple, earthy brown and leafy green to reflect that feeling from the first glance. These colors can be used in the wall paint, wallpaper, and furnishings to create a harmonized look into your home.

In addition to the colors, the Moroccan theme can be displayed by the fantastic architectural designs such as arches, domes, and courtyards, works of art everywhere, bold patterns, amazing mosaics, and accurate details. The perfect lighting system that includes low wattage scones and lanterns will enhance the warm looking in your home.

The ornate furniture will complete that inviting look. For example, your wooden and upholstered furniture may have traditional patterns with golden and brown or black and beige colors according to the design of the room. Your seating area in the living room will look more hospitable if it is made of large floor pillows upholstered with Moroccan fabrics and patterns.

The natural flowing fabrics or sari will enhance the outstanding Moroccan decor. The windows can be covered with a light sheer to let the natural light fill your home and another thick patterned curtain to keep your privacy.You can use accentuated clay tiles with graphic patterns or even hardwood floor covered with a patterned wool area rug to add warmth to your home.