How to Decorate Your Home with a Rustic Style

Whether you decorate an existing or a new home, the rustic style will provide you a considerable space for creativity increasing the warm feel of the place. You can create such a rustic look in different ways, but you will need just to use original designs and natural materials.

The warm and comfortable feel of your rustic home will be enhanced by primitive furniture pieces and accessories, vintage fabrics, and distressed finishes. You can paint the walls muted colors and use natural fabrics with vintage floral patterns, stripes, and checked patterns. The wrought iron and brass frames, candleholders, lamps, and shelves in addition to the decorative pottery in your kitchen and dining room will greatly enhance the rustic look of your home.

If you will use antique furniture pieces and need to create a rich look in your home, it will be a suitable idea to decorate with country French or Italian themes. You will use deep red, green, terracotta, blue, and vibrant yellow colored walls and fabrics in addition to the distress finished furniture pieces and accessories to enhance the French country look of the place.

The rustic Italian decor will need earthy colors such as burnt sienna, terracotta, and navy blue colored walls and fabrics with stone and mosaic tile surfaces in addition to the rustic accessories.

If you wish, you can decorate your home with a rustic southwestern decor. The walls of your southwestern home can be painted earth tones such as desert yellow, cactus green, and adobe red and accentuated with different hues of yellow, orange, and turquoise. You can cover the rustic finished furniture pieces using suede, leather, and fabric and use metallic accents to give your home an authentic southwestern rustic look. The natural light and clutter-free spaces are common feature in all of these rustic themes.