How to Decorate Your Home Using Turquoise

The turquoise is a feminine color that has different tones; thus, create different looks according to the style and theme of your home. You can use such a color as a main or an accent color and mix it with almost any color to give your home the needed mood.

To use turquoise as a main color in a certain room, you should give the room a matching theme like the Caribbean Sea, the southern jewels, or even the country theme. Here, you will paint the walls turquoise and use fabrics with the same color.To create a balance in such a room, you can add a large furniture piece such as a sofa or a bed with a solid or neutral color. You can use patterned fabrics to refresh the look of that lovely room.

You can use turquoise as an accent color to create a sense of balance in your bedroom or living room. For example, the turquoise pillows on the bed or sofa with a matching framed picture on the facing wall will certainly create balance at any setting. The point here is to use turquoise in different parts of the room to get a layered effect.

Try to use the right shade of turquoise mixed with the colors that will create the exact mood you need. For instance, you can create a soft feel when you mix turquoise with pink, lavender, or soft green. If you need a masculine look, you will need to mix turquoise with darker shades such as chocolate brown and hunter green.

If it is mixed with orange or red, the place will look more balanced and fresh. If you will use dark shades of turquoise, try to mix it with bright colors such as gold or lime green.