How to Decorate a White Home Perfectly by Birgit Anich Staging and Interiors

The white wall is a great base for both modern and traditional home décor, yet you should use the suitable decorative elements to create an inviting, welcoming, or comforting mood. Such a white base will let you choose the amount and degree of color in the room and change the décor of the place regularly.

If you adore the white walls, you can create an inviting and welcoming look in your modern or traditional home using contrast. Brigit Anich and her team provide a Shorefront Park home an amazing and inviting look using polished walnut floor, a reclaimed wood coffee table, a blue painting, white and black furniture, a white area rug, and metallic small chairs. The turquoise, blue, and black displayed artworks create a sense of harmony combining the contrasting elements of the place.

To provide your home a spacious and comforting look, you can create an accent wall using a comforting color such as grey and brown along with the white walls and bright colored furniture. Birgit Anich and her team apply this idea in Saugatuck Shores Westport home using grey and blue accent colors and glossy natural wood floor.

It will be a great idea to install white bead board wainscoting to cover the suitable part of your walls with molding and white ceiling and paint the rest of the wall a suitable neutral color. In Greenwich and Westchester county homes, Birgit Anich applies this idea along with brown and black decorative elements to provide the place an interesting look.

In your small open design apartment, the white walls will be your perfect option. You can inspire your ideas from High-view home where Birgit Anich use warm light with walnut floor, natural wood colored furniture, and green plants to create a natural and spacious look.