How to design your homely fish aquarium by yourself and enhance your home tranquility

We as homeowners seek to imitate the same look of oceans by a simple fish aquarium. Why! Because it also is an easy and simple way to make you calm down after a hard and stressful day by only a simple look at this amazing fish aquarium.

What you really need to design your homely fish aquarium by yourself! In this article, I aim to help you design your own one perfectly. Above all, there are some items you will really need to get your dream home fish aquarium. The needed equipment for aquariums as follows: Aquarium Tank, Hood, Filter, Substrate, Water conditioners, Test kit, Thermometer, Heater if you want (Tropical aquarium), Decorations and Stand.

Aquarium tanks vary in sizes and shapes but, to be honest, the best one is the rectangular shaped one and a large size is always preferred to keep your fishes comfortable as they are in their natural ambiance. Then, the Hood is an essential item for keeping your aquarium with a good lightning, and preventing it from dust plus keeping the fish inside the aquarium.

While a Filter serves as a life-support system to keep the water healthy and filtered for your precious little creatures. There are many filtration system types as follows: a Mechanical filter which can be with a sponge or fine wool, Biological Filtration which is found in any aquarium tank with a natural biological filter. And Chemical Filtration like aquarium-grade carbon to remove unpleasant odors and dyes.

The next step includes firstly, Tank Substrate which is the material available in the bottom of the tank. There are different types too the popular ones are sands and gravels and if you want to add colors there is colorful gravel. The Water Thermometer is important to control the water temperature and the Test kit is ideal for testing the water to be healthy and appropriate for fishes.

Decorations and Stand are the last steps to complete aquarium design; decorations have many types according to your taste like rocks, wood, ornaments, and artificial/natural plants. While the stand is a basic to support your aquarium it can be either cabinet or a simple stand. All these can be found in an aquarium store.